SSL Certificate Renewal

Please note that SSL certificates cannot technically be renewed. A new certificate must be purchased and installed to replace the existing expiring certificate and should be done several days prior to it's expiry date to allow for CSR submission and approval.  For EV certificates, please give yourself a few weeks.  Using our SSL provisioning systems, if you have a cpanel account and a DV cert, the process of CSR submission, approval and validation is automatic.  Please ensure you simply pay your renewal invoice.

Geotrust will provide up to 90 days extra validity on a new certificate with the same host name as an existing expiring one.

In order to purchase and install your new certificate before your current one expires you must:
1. Place an order for a certificate on our website. (you can also choose to purchase multiple years, which will save you time by not having to do this every year)
2. Configure your certificate in our client area by pasting your current CSR and relevent data in the necessary fields
3. Ensure you that you pay close attention to the validation emails that are sent and that you approve the certificate by following the instructions provided in the validation emails.
4. Install the certificate

If you need assistance with any of these steps, please do not hesitate to ask us by opening a support ticket with us.

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