Hosting with EntirelyDigital - a Good Choice for the Environment

  • 29th March 2023
If you're looking for a provider to host your website and email, there are many factors to consider, including reliability, security, and cost. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the carbon footprint of the datacenter. Hosting your website in a datacenter with low carbon emissions can have a significant positive impact on the ...
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DROC (Domain Registry) Scam is back - under a new name

  • 26th September 2022
Be on the lookout for these types of documents by mail.  While they are a legitimate registrar reseller, they overcharge for domain transfers, renewals and registrations and make it seem as though your domain is currently registered with them.  They operate within the law but are getting you to transfer your domain away from your current ...
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Multi-year SSL is back

  • 7th July 2022

EntirelyDigital now offers two-year and three-year DigiCert SSL certificate orders. We will automatically handle reissuance and reinstallation throughout the length of the order for cpanel accounts.

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NPI Cloud Joins EntirelyDigital

  • 10th February 2022
Northern Protocol (NPI) Cloud is proud to announce that we have joined the EntirelyDigital group of companies. Effectively immediately, our combined resources have made an already great company even better! While the immediate changes are few, the long-term benefit to all our customers is real: Improved support and customer service- ...
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