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Google and Microsoft initiatives have caused the web industry to update and increase the level of the SSL certificate security standard. They will be warning users via Chrome Edge Browser and Internet Explorer when they visit a site that uses an SHA1 generated security certificate.
To prevent your customers/web site visitors from seeing these warnings, you will have to reissue your certificate as SHA2.
Geotrust, Thawte and Symantec have setup an automated process to reissue their SSL certificates - here are the respective links:


Trustwave and Comodo certificates will have to be reissued by opening a support ticket with us.
Please provide us with the following information in your support ticket:
*Domain name on the certificate
*Message stating you wish to reissue the certificate using SHA2
We will then reissue the certificates with the supplier on your behalf. Please allow a few business days for these to be processed.
**Please note that the CSR does not have to be generated using the SHA2 hash, you can use the same CSR that was used to last issue/reissue the certificate.**

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