Too many connections - FTP

When connecting with your FTP client (Filezilla for example) you get the following error:
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Response: 421 Too many connections from this IP
Error: Could not connect to server

  • Login to cPanel.Click the FTP Session Control button in the Files section.
  • Access ftp session list
  • You will then see a list of all your current FTP connections. Click the red X in the Disconnect column.
  • You will then see a message similar to this "Are you sure you want to disconnect FTP user?." Click the Disconnect button to proceed.
  • You are finished when you see a message like this:"The FTP session with PID 27510 was terminated."

Limiting Simultaneous Connections in FileZilla:

  • Open FileZilla.Access the Site Manager.
  • Click your site, then select the Transfer Settings tab.
  • Check the box for Limit number of simultaneous connections, and set the Maximum number of connections to 8.
  • Click the OK button. Now when you are using FileZilla, it will not allow you to go over your limitation of 8 simultaneous FTP connections.
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