How do I connect to my website using FTP? Print

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Your ftp client software will require the following information;

1) ftp hostname / ip address
2) ftp username
3) ftp password

The ftp hostname is your domain name or the ip address that is found within your welcome email. Both the domain name and the ip address will work for ftp connections. (If using your domain name, you must ensure your domain name is properly pointing to your hosting account. Please reference the Domain Name / DNS section of the knowledgebase to ensure your domain name is properly pointing to your hosting account.)

The ftp username is the username found within your welcome email. (Usually your ftp username is the first 8 letters of your domain name, however this can be changed and may differ.) Note: if you have created addon ftp accounts within your cPanel interface, the ftp username can be found within the FTP Accounts section of the cPanel control panel.

The ftp password is the password found within your welcome email. Note: this password can be changed within the cPanel interface of the WHM interface.

Additional Information

Once you are connected via ftp, you will see a series of folders within your ftp account. You should upload your website contents within the public_html/ folder, this public_html/ folder is where th .html, .htm, .php or other website files should be uploaded to. Filezilla will allow for drag and drop files and folders within your ftp server. If you need more information, please contact us 24 hours a day.

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