IP Address blocked on our firewalls.

It happens: You tried to enter your password a few times and now you can't reach the server and your webpage doesn't load.  Don't worry, the server isn't down.  Our firewall thinks you're brute force password attacking the server so it's blocked your IP address from accessing anything on that server.
How do I get unblocked?
  1. The fastest way to get your IP removed from the firewall is to login at http://www.entirelydigital.com/manage/  then click ‘Support’, in the secondary menu, then ‘Unblock IP Address from Firewalls’.  Your IP will be searched on all your active cPanel servers automatically and then remove the IP from the firewalls.  The IP you are currently connecting from will automatically be populated in the IP field.  You can also just type any IP address you want in the IP field and it will search it for you.
  2. This will take more time.  Open a support ticket and tell us the IP address you think is being blocked. If you open a ticket from our client area, your IP address information is added to the ticket.  If you just email us, then you need to include the IP address you think is being blocked in the message.
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