Blackberry Enterprise Activation

How do I connect my blackberry using EntirelyDigital's Blackberry Enterprise Servers?

  1. Add a blackberry user in EntirelyDigital's control panel by clicking on your hosting plan, then hosted organizations.  Click on your organization then click Blackberry users on the left menu.
  2. Click Add BlackBerry User
  3. Click on the address book icon and select the user you wish to add
  4. Click the Add BlackBerry User button
  5. Specify a one-time activation password and the time until the password expires then click set password button

On the Blackberry Device: 

  1. Make sure you are on your home screen then click the options icon.
  2. Select and click advanced options
  3. Select and click Enterprise Activation
  4. Type your primary email address and the password that was set above
  5. Click then select activate.

In some cases a device wipe is required prior to enterprise activation, refer to the related topics instruction.

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