SmarterMail Mail Client Configuration

SmarterMail servers support both POP and IMAP protocols for incoming mail servers and SMTP via submission ports for outgoing mail.

Note that for IMAP, we recommend not creating sub folders in your inbox.  Inbox is a system folder and many mail clients do not handle the download of folders which are subfolders of inbox.  We recommend creating folders outside your inbox.

For your incoming and ougtoing server names - please use the CNAME address of your SmarterMail server - for example if resolves to, then your incoming and outgoing host names are

Standard non SSL ports can be used:
POP3: 110
IMAP: 143
SMTP: 587 (Submission port)

SSL ports are recommended:
POP3: 995
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465 (Submission port)

In both cases you must configure your outgoing server for authentication - using the same username and password as your incoming (which is the same as your webmail username and password)

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