root compromised - backup/restore in progress (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server -
  • Our security scans have revealed that this server is root compromised.  As such, we have started provisioning a new server (with a newer OS) and will:
    1. Backup your cpanel account
    2. Take the current server offline.
    --during this time, your site and email will be offline.
    3. Once the new server is online, restore your cpanel account to the new server.  Once your account is restored, your website and email will be online once again.
    4. There will be no IP change to your domain.

    This process may take 1-3 hours with intermittent connectivity to your site and email.  This is an urgent matter and must be addressed immediately.

    Please check back for updates.


    Apr 24 - 17:36 EST (GMT -5:00)

    The new server is set up and the backups are complete. I will be taking the compromised server down shortly and putting the new server in it's place. I will then run scripts on the new server that will install your services. After the post-install scripts are finished I will begin restoring your accounts to their proper IP address.

    I will update you on the progress as best I can. Please be patient, however, as this will take some time.


    Apr 25 - 10:00 EST (GMT -5:00)

    Account restores are complete - cpanel account passwords have all been reset.  We will advise your new password shortly.  Some MIVA Merchant sites on this server are not functional - we are working with MIVA support to get the miva components re-installed.


    Apr 25 - 13:05 EST (GMT -5:00)

    Please note that all cpanel passwords were reset to protect the integrity of your account.  Please login to your client area at and then click on your services icon, then drill in to the account that is on this server.  From there you will be able to reset your cpanel password from the left menu.

  • Date - 04/24/2017 15:54
  • Last Updated - 04/25/2017 13:06