Lost user password or encrypting key?

Lost User Password:
In the case where your user password is lost, you can retrieve it by requesting the "forgotten password" email from the web console. The password provided in the email will actually be a hashed version of the user password, the actual password is never stored on the EntirelyDigital server for security reasons.

The hashed password provided in the email can then be used to login to the EntirelyDigital OBM client software, however, the hashed password cannot be used to decrypt data. Even if the encrypting key configured to be the same as the user password.

In the case where the backup set encryption setting is set to default (to use password as the encrypting key), you will need the actual password to decrypt any data backed up. This includes data previously backed up and also data that is backed up in the future for existing backup sets.

Lost Encrypting Key:
In the case where your encrypting key is lost, there will be no way to restore data from the corresponding backup set. You must create a new backup set and then backup the data again in order have a restorable copy of the data. Since the encrypting key is never sent to the EntirelyDigital server, thus, the encrypting key is not retrievable if lost.

If the encrypting key is lost, then the following steps must be performed to ensure that data backed up in the future can be restore and decrypt:

1. Delete all backup sets where the encryption key is lost
2. Create new backup sets for the affected data
3. Backup the data immediately

We would like to stress that it is very important to keep a record of your user password and encrypting key.

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