COVID-19 Updates

  • Sunday, 15th March, 2020
  • 14:31pm


In person visits and payments are no longer accepted - please mail your payment or preferably pay by Credit Card or Paypal.  We also accept Interac Transfers - please open a support ticket if will be sending payment by Interac

In response to the heightening Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we wish to outline steps EntirelyDigital is taking to prepare and respond to this threat in order to minimize any disruption to your services. 

Service Levels 

At this time, our locations are not impacted by the outbreak and service levels remain unaffected. However, we are not complacent to the threat and have ramped up preparations at all locations. We are asking that data center customers be aware of the following restrictions at our DC locations. These have been implemented for the benefit of all customers and staff:    

  • Anyone who has travelled within the previous 14 days should not visit the data centers. The situation dashboard provided by the World Health Organization provides up-to-date information on the outbreak:
  • Anyone who may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus via a family member, colleague or other contact should not visit unless they have undergone a period of self-isolation and remained clear of infection of the COVID-19 for 14 days.
  • Anyone suffering symptoms of COVID-19 should not visit the data center unless and until they have undergone a period of self-isolation and have since remained clear of infection of the COVID-19 for 14 days.
Our data center technicians remain on hand to assist with any requirements customers may have. Please discuss any requirements via the normal ticketing service. EntirelyDigital will continue to monitor these controls, and reserves the ability to increase restrictions as deemed necessary to protect the continuity of its operations.

Telephone and ticketing support staff are all working remotely to ensure continuity of our services.

Supply Chain 

EntirelyDigital continues to monitor impact to its supply chain given the unpredictable nature of the outbreak. We are actively working with our suppliers and service providers to manage risk of disruption to the extent possible. 

We are seeing some changes in activity in the market that may affect both availability of supply, and changes in demand. In particular:

  • Widespread disruption to manufacturing in China has lengthened fulfilment times for orders of equipment and we anticipate this to continue in the short term, particularly for large scale deployments.
  • A surge in demand for ‘at-home’ entertainment (streaming, gaming) services due to people self-isolating is beginning to emerge. Similarly, we expect to see an increase in demand for online collaboration and communication tools, SaaS products, and other services that support remote work.

With the above in mind, we ask that customers be proactive in discussing their requirements so that we can support them in securing the necessary equipment and help them manage the potential impact. 

Further Updates 

We will continue to update all our customers with relevant and timely information via email, and by updating our website with key information.

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