EntirelyDigital partners with MailChannels.com for outbound mail filtering

  • Tuesday, 1st August, 2017
  • 09:00am
EntirelyDigital has partnered with Mail Channels for all it's outbound mail filtering.

MailChannels SMTP relay service analyzes all the email leaving our servers, detects the spam, and blocks it. Legitimate mail is delivered through thousands of carefully managed IP addresses that you don’t have to worry about because they’re run by anti-spam experts. Best practices for outgoing email security are enforced to ensure compliance with the strictest requirements of email receivers and blacklist operators.

The solution also processes real-time feedback and error messages from email receivers to pinpoint the accounts within our network that are spamming. Spam traps are located and avoided. And it all happens automatically.

Parsing receiver feedback is part of the solution. Receivers provide valuable clues as to what they think about the email you are sending, so it’s critical to listen to what they have to say. This is how it's broken down at MailChannels:

  1. The first step is using real-time response analytics to assess reputation, content or behavioural problems. It’s difficult to monitor blacklists in real time (believe us, we’ve tried). Often the most timely feedback is from the receivers while you try to deliver email. Some receivers maintain private blacklists based on feedback from their users; you can’t monitor this type of blacklist.

  2. Another type of feedback comes from spam traps. These are email addresses that have fallen into disuse and are now being used to build automated blacklists. They are triggered simply by trying to deliver a message to that email address.

  3. Receiver feedback is also provided in the form of FBL (Feedback Loop) reports. FBL reports are structured email messages sent by administrators at a receiver’s network usually in response to complaints from recipients.

MailChannels has classified responses from millions of receivers and trillions of messages so that they can determine with a high degree of accuracy whether a specific delivery attempt is encountering IP reputation issues, triggering a content filter, or hitting a spam trap.

98% of IP addresses managed by MailChannels are ranked as Good or Neutral by Cisco SenderBase.

Have a VPS and want to use Mailchannels, we have smaller plans designed for you.  Ask us how.

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