Smartermail server WEBM1 updated to 12.3.5318

  • Monday, 4th August, 2014
  • 17:31pm

EntirelyDigital web hosting has been enhanced. We've upgraded our Smartermail Server in our Toronto IDC to the latest Enterprise Version 12.3.5318

Version 12.3.5318 (2014-07-24)

  • ADDED: In-Reply-To and References headers are now set when replying to messages in webmail.
  • FIXED: Changes to calendar items synced over EAS now show immediately in webmail.
  • FIXED: Webmail pop-up windows now resize correctly when using version 31 of Firefox.

Version 12.3.5308 (2014-07-14)

  • ADDED: New Flex Billing licensing option for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Add-On for large ISPs and hosting providers.
  • FIXED: A message parsing error that could cause an invalid IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE response for a badly formatted message header.
  • FIXED: A scenario where a POP retrieval session over SSL could stall.
  • FIXED: Changed the formatting of webmail messages to improve how inline images are displayed by various email clients.
  • FIXED: Fixed a permissions issue that prevented an account’s picture from being retrieved when linked to in an outgoing message’s signature.
  • FIXED: Migrating contacts from Exchange now checks for null values returned when querying for a contact’s email addresses, in order to prevent an error in webmail when viewing those contacts.
  • FIXED: Search results now show properly in iOS devices connected through EAS when the message is not already on the device.
  • FIXED: The IMAP ENVELOPE command response now correctly escapes quote characters when returning the subject value.
  • FIXED: The new admin username and password fields will no longer get auto-filled when adding or editing a domain using the Chrome browser.

Version 12.2.5283 (2014-06-19)

  • FIXED: Automatically adding webmail recipients to the users trusted senders list now functions correctly.
  • FIXED: Body counts of size 0 no longer throw exceptions in indexing log.
  • FIXED: Duplicate trusted sender entries are now automatically removed from a user's trusted senders when the account is first loaded.
  • FIXED: EAS is now more resistant to file system errors.
  • FIXED: EAS will no longer stall on some Blackberry devices.
  • FIXED: Setting the disablegreylisting field when using the SetRequestedUserSettings function of the UserAdmin web service now functions correctly.
  • FIXED: Specifying a bandwidth throttle limit of larger than 2047 MB now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: The IMAP fetch query for a message's envelope now correctly handles email addresses that contain quoted user name parts such as "user name"
  • FIXED: Web interface will no longer fail to switch tabs on Internet Explorer 9.
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