cPanel & WHM 11.42 Now in STABLE Tier

  • Monday, 17th March, 2014
  • 20:44pm

cPanel, Inc. is thrilled to release cPanel & WHM software version 11.42, which is now available in the STABLE tier.

cPanel & WHM version 11.42 offers a brand new theme, an upgrade to Horde Groupware Webmail, and more.

Paper Lantern Theme
As part of 11.42, cPanel & WHM introduces Paper Lantern, a modern, powerful theme. With its simplified design, beautiful icon set, and thoughtful feature names, this edition of Paper Lantern is only the beginning.

Horde Groupware Webmail Upgrade
cPanel & WHM now uses Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1. This upgrade provides a simple webmail application for all users, regardless of experience level.

Detailed information on all cPanel & WHM version 11.42 features can be found at
An overview of the latest features and benefits is also available at

EntirelyDigital Linux Hosted servers for shared and reseller web hosting will updated to this new version.

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