EntirelyDigital's Asburn Data Centre is located in a secure, unmarked facility. The Asbburn facility is a "class A" data centre with multiple connections to telco fibre rings, an advanced security system, a 24 hour Network Operation Centre, fire suppression system, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and a high capacity generator.

Features — Asburn Data Centre


  • Connections are assured through redundant fiber paths leading to multiple upstream carriers.
  • EntirelyDigital uses only Cisco and Dell routers and switches throughout our facility and network.

State-of-the-Art Security

  • 10 feet tall ClearVu perimeter fence with no public access
  • Hardened building-within-a-building design
  • Multifactor identification and multi-level security zones
  • Mantraps and secure doors to prevent tailgating and data floor access
  • 24x7 manned security with centralized electronic access control systems
  • Digital pan-tilt-zoom cameras that monitor all data center secure areas, parking lots, entrances and roof
  • 24x7 shipping and receiving with secure storage space

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and a high capacity generator

  • 7 vaults with 14 MW critical IT load
  • 29 MW of backup generator power
  • High-end mission critical data center with patented 2N+2 infrastructure design

Redundant Cooling System

  • Centralized industrial chiller plant with automatic controls to maximize operating efficiency and PUE
  • High efficiency cooling infrastructure with both airside and waterside economization
  • N+2 configuration with 100% availability SLA
  • Cooling capacity up to 22 kW per rack
  • Evaporative cooling plant using three sources – well water, reclaimed water and utility water
  • 36 inch raised floor design

Fire Suppression System

  • Fire suppression capabilities are executed through FM-200 gas that extinguishes fire without water, to ensure no water damage to the IDC's equipment