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About the Text Converter

We have designed this Microsoft Excel to Text converter to allow for easy copy and pasting of Excel columns and rows, with some neat features: We hope that you find this tool useful. Of course, we offer it for free - we just ask that you pay it forward and help those around you.

Why we built an Excel to Text Converter

An Excel to text converter that preserves data and column border formatting is a crucial tool for data presentation and transfer. When dealing with large datasets, maintaining the visual structure is vital for readability and interpretation. A well-formatted text table allows viewers to quickly scan, understand relationships between different data points, and draw insights, similar to how they would with a spreadsheet.

However, when simply copying and pasting data from Excel into text editors like Notepad, the spatial integrity of the data can be lost. Text editors do not inherently recognize or preserve the tabular format of a spreadsheet. Without borders or clear delimitation, columns can merge into a single, indistinguishable block of text, which makes the data difficult to read and analyze.

This is where an Excel to text converter with ASCII and UTF-8 encoding options becomes essential. ASCII encoding provides a set of common character representations that include symbols for drawing tables with lines and intersections, making it possible to create a visual separation of data similar to that in Excel. UTF-8, a more modern encoding format, supports a wider range of characters, including various box-drawing characters that can be used to form table borders. This results in a clean, organized representation of data that maintains the visual layout of the original spreadsheet.

By using such encoding standards to preserve the cell borders as textual characters, the converter ensures that the structure of the Excel table is retained when the data is viewed as plain text. This means that even if the data is opened in a basic text editor without advanced formatting capabilities, the table's layout remains intact, facilitating easy reading and comprehension.