EntirelyDigital Introduces Cloud Based Spam and Virus Control

Written by Romeo M. on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 15:27.

Email is the most important means of communication in today’s business world. Spam remains however the most serious threat to productivity and resource efficiency in email communication.

Cyber-criminals are motivated by financial gain, the challenge, ideology or simply mischief.  EntirelyDigital's new Cloud Based Spam and Anti-Virus control system is a must for any business using email whether it's hosted by EntirelyDigital or an in-house mail server.

Secure your network and users from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks.  EntirelyDigital applies a self-learning smart technology to filter all incoming email, eliminating spam before it reaches your network and can take the processing burden away from your own in-house mail server.  Spam intelligence is a direct result from processing millions of emails every day.


Boxtrapper Disabled

Written by Romeo M. on Friday, 05 April 2013 14:45.

Effective immediately we have disabled the BoxTrapper spam trap on all EntirelyDigital cpanel web hosting servers.  This feature is part of WHM/Cpanel and while it sounds good in theory, it just adds to the global spam problem and causes our servers to be blacklisted on some BL lists.

Email Archiving - A Must

Written by Romeo M. on Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:46.

Email is critical to your business communications, but it brings with it a host of new problems - dealing with storage limits, periodic backups, problematic PST files, access to old emails and regulatory compliance or eDiscovery requests just to name a few. Failure to address these problems effectively can bring serious repercussions.

EntirelyDigital offers email archiving for your email on our Hosted Exchange Servers. EntirelyDigital's email archiving solutions can be used by administrators all over the world to maintain an archive of all corporate email correspondence, manage and reduce the company's dependency on PST files and also to meet a growing number of regulations on compliance, eDiscovery and other legislation. The product is easy to activate, requires little administrative effort, and operates at highly competitive pricing.


Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Written by Romeo M. on Saturday, 30 March 2013 13:49.

We'd like to make you aware of this domain renewal scam which comes by mail.  Usually a brown envelope with the Domain Registry of Canada logo (See below) and a form inside notifying you that your domains are coming up for renewal.

It looks official and the colour scheme is similar to that of CIRA (Canadian Internet Registry Authority) so I can tell you that some of our customers have filled this out and sent it back.

Notice of Registration Scam

Written by Romeo M. on Saturday, 30 March 2013 13:31.

We'd like to make you aware of an email that has been circulating for years but we've been asked by so many customers regarding this notice that we thought it would be appropriate to write a quick note about it.